The most important question to ask yourself before starting a project

A friend of mine is an entrepreneur. He asks himself a question before starting any project:

“How does this make the world a better place?”

Most people blog to make money or gain an audience. I’m not here to do either. I’m here to satisfy my own desire to create. My content will be as thoughtful as I can make it, so it won’t happen as often as the bloggers who pound their keyboards with fervor, into a vortex of explosive comments and likes.

Every creative has a choice: To produce a lot of content with very little thought put into it, or not as much content with a lot of thought put into it.

Thinking this through with my blog as an example:

If I produce a lot of content, I will have high page rankings, traffic, and probably ads. I will probably even make money. But most of my content will have little or no meaning, and simply add more digital trash to our world. There will be some oddballs and idiots who will show up, but smart audiences will ignore me. 

Most of all, I will look back on all of that work with shame.

If I produce occasional content – no matter how fantastic – I will be ignored by fellow bloggers and almost all SEO metrics and page ranking algorithms. Very few people will read what I’ve written.

The thing is, not many people want to read, look at, or spend time with things that make them think; this keeps my audience inherently limited. I’m also competing with many distracting things online. If you’re spending time with me, then I want to respect that time. If I inspire one person with anything that I’ve done here, I have improved the world.

And I will be happy with it – which is what matters to me. And ultimately, that’s what should matter to you – because you grow when you pay attention to better content, better writing, and better art. My ultimate goal is to create something that brightens your world and gives you ideas. I’d love for you to read me on a Sunday morning by yourself, with your first coffee.  

Along that thread, I have shut down comments. I don’t want to write with the goal of churning responses from people.  If you really want to tell me something about anything I’ve said here, send me an email. I’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

So, welcome to the inside of my head. I hope you like it here. Let’s make the world better.



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